How can I preserve my privacy

Pick a safe name

Scuttlebutt does not require to use your real name. You can use whatever you like. If you want to stay a bit more private, choose a name that people wouldn't normally associate with you.

Keep it in the Scuttleverse

Scuttlebutt has a way of indicating to public gateways (places that show scuttlebutt messages on the web like ) that you don't want anything you say to show up there.

To do this, open up your Terminal app and type the following (with <YOURID> replaced with your actual ID).

sbot publish --type about --about "<YOURID>" --no-publicWebHosting

If you ever want to re-enable it you can say

sbot publish --type about --about "<YOURID>" --publicWebHosting

Need more?

Connecting to other peers to exchange gossip messages will reveal your IP and might be used to de-anonymize you. Luckily scuttlebutt has built in support for TOR. See the tor page for more details.

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