Scuttlebutt Stories

A collection of stories about ssbc (technological and social)


Name Author Date
The Nomad Who’s Exploding the Internet Into Pieces The Atlantic 22 May 2017
Scuttlebutt: an "off-grid" P2P social network that runs without servers and can fall back to sneakernet Boing Boing 7 April 2017


Name Author Date
Off-Grid Social Network with Andre Staltz Software Engineering Daily 26 May 2017
Interview with Dominic Tarr from Secure Scuttlebutt Paul Tanasyuk 17 May 2017
Dominic Tarr : Secure-Scuttlebutt _theInitialCommit 4 Apr 2017
Interview with Rob Knight (hexayurt vc) and Dominic Tarr (secure scuttlebutt) Vinay Gupta 4 November 2016
The History of Scuttlebot with Dominic Tarr Gwen Bell 1 September 2016


Name Author Date
Online socializing - let's try something else Tara Planas 16 April 2018
The Future Will Be Technical (SSB Non-dev Resources Grant) Zach Mandeville 13 December 2017
An Off-Grid Social Network Andre Staltz 6 April 2017
Gossiping Securely is the new Email (Medium) Mix Irving 13 Feb 2016
Uncapturable Distribution (Hypermarkdown) Mix Irving 23 October 2015


Design Challenge: Avoid Centralization and Singletons
Design Challenge: Sybil Attacks
Scuttlebutt Genesis
Using Trust in Open Networks


The cloud as you know it is not free

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