How can I help?

I want to get involved with this FAQ because I am awesome!

You can help with the FAQ by asking a question, refining one of my answers, or submitting an entire question and answer.

I am using gitbook to assemble this all, and so to help with any of the above simply submit a change request on the gitbook page, found here

If that does not work, you can reach me through scuttlebutt. My scuttlename is @ZqH7Mctu/7DNInxuwl12ECjfrAKUX2tBLq1rOldNhg0=.ed25519. (caveat: searching by this will only work if we are in the same friend network. But we prolly are. I'm pretty social and this place is still small.)

I love any help you want to give, with one caveat: This FAQ is intended as a sort of "on-ramp" to the scuttleverse, and so meant to be simple. I would love to have links to deeper and more technical resources, but this should not be seen as a FAQ for the highly technical stuff (so no questions about how to make an SSB app with just tin cans, a hacked talkboy, and a cursory knowledge of LISP.) (Though as I write this I realize that answer would be super cool and so I urge you to start up an advanced FAQ if you're able.)


  • My heart's wants.

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