Scuttlebutt Talks

The Decentralized Web

Andre Staltz @ Hack\Talks in Helsinki, 2017

André will cover of topics such as peer-to-peer browser, off-grid social network, and local development, and their underlying technologies Dat and SSB, both implemented in JavaScript / Node.js.

Andre decentralizing the web

Embracing Subjectivity

Mix Irving @ nz.js(con); New Zealand JS Conference 2017

Cast central authorities aside and take a tour of a inter-net conceived subjectively. Learn about the challenges and benefits of not having singlular sources of truth, and take a tour of the Scuttleverse - an actively growing decent community (of code and humans).

Mix embracing subjectivity

Signed Merkel Logs

Paul Frazee @ Decentralized Web Summit

Signed merkle logs: What are they, and Why they're so useful in decentralized systems.

Paul on signed merkel logs

SecureScuttlebutt: A Secure Gossip Protocol

Dominic Tarr @ New Zealand Internet Research Forum


Design Challenges of Decentralized Systems

Dominic Tarr @ Data Terra Nemo 2015

Dominic on design issues for peer-to-peer systems

Decentralized Databases, and the End of the Web Host

Paul Frazee @ JS.LA April 2015

How do we synchronize user devices without using servers or central coordination? Join us for a discussion of content-addressing, secure data structures, the web of trust, and apps-development in a post-host Web.

Paul on decent databases

Secure Database Games

Dominic Tarr @ 2014

Dominic on database games

Mad Science Architectures

Dominic Tarr @ Realtime Conference 2013

The puzzle pieces of secure-scuttlebutt are being assembled.

Dominic on Mad Science

Colouring with crayons and playing with Duplo blocks

Dominic Tarr @ node Dublin 2012

On replication, eventual consistency, scuttlebutt and crayons.

Dominic on crayons and duplo

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