Scuttlebutt Apps

The following is an overview of the known Secure Scuttlebutt-based apps. Please feel free to extend and modify this registry.


A remake of Patchwork Classic using patchcore and UX/ideas from ferment.

The goal is to make a standalone, easy to install, "social" view into the ssb world.


Links : git-ssb | github

SSB : ssb://%bfG9dyXtlic9umNzgwYuG8nhjG0ycUrlBROprvyBZaU=.sha256


Also built on patchcore, but uses a tabbed interface instead and has some more bleeding edge features.

The goal is to make a client developers love - it comes with social views, as well as git interface into the scuttleverse.

patchbay Links : git-ssb | github

SSB : ssb://%s9mSFATE4RGyJx9wgH22lBrvD4CgUQW4yeguSWWjtqc=.sha256


A music sharing app for musicians, remixers, creatores, Built using ssb + webtorrent


Tour : youtube

Links : git-ssb | github

SSB : ssb://%t3XQv5Gk/dzJQM1fWFnMlaTlTvmtd3BHYCTIzhT/7G8=.sha256


A totally decent git interface.

git-ssb-index News about projects of friends, or people you follow.

git-ssb-repo Familiar interface for raising issues, forking, opening pull requests.

Known online portals serving git-ssb over http:

Links : git-ssb | github

SSB : ssb://%n92DiQh7ietE+R+X/I403LQoyf2DtR3WQfCkDKlheQU=.sha256


An interactive visualisation of your local scuttleverse. Fly with [w,a,s,d] and look with [up,left,down,right]. Hover over nodes to see who they are and light up their 1st and (dimmer) 2nd degree friendships.


SSB : ssb://%hNm67sfnZFtWkD/+1qxH3UfzhXykfpKtOL1C/XbLANA=.sha256

SSB stats

Posts published over time (from the perspective of Cel's pub server). Colors represent when that user first posted (so is a way of visualising cohorts).


Links : celehner


The first major messaging interface built on SSB, using React. Currently has installers for Mac and Linux, and translations.


Tour (old version) : youtube

Links : github


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